APN Change Instructions

After you’ve submitted your Speed Boost Request, a special feature code will be added to your line to assign a Static IP Address to it. This will improve the speed and connectivity of your line.

It can take up to 24 hours to be functional once added, please be patient.

This will require the APN (Access Point Name) profile be changed in your device!
This is what tells your device “how” to connect to the cellular network.

Below is the info for the correct APN profile settings:

  • APN: b2b.static
  • APN or PDP Protocol: IPv4
  • Username: or “none”
  • Password: or “none”

Please change or create a new APN profile and be sure these settings reflect above.
Depending on which device you are using, the process for changing the APN might be slightly different. Google is your friend.

We can not provide help for other devices that were not purchased from us, other than provide the correct settings as above.

 If you are not sure how to change or create a new APN on your device, Google your specific device make & model number and how to change/add a new APN Profile for that device.

You can also email us at questions@onewirelessworld.org or call our office at 208-939-3199, Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm MST to ask for help if you have one of our devices.

Useful Links

Alicorn USB Modem
How to set up Static IP APN

Android Tablet
How to change APN
-In this case, replace fast.t-mobile.com in the instructions with b2b.static, and be sure to set the APN Protocol to just IPv4 only
-Each android device will be have slightly different menu options depending on the manufacturer.

Netgear Devices
How to configure APN settings for 4G LTE Modems