Important Notice! Please Read

*For all of our PINK (T-Mobile) Customers

Dear valued customer,

We have some important news regarding all of our current T-Mobile users.

Data usage continues to be at an all time high with online school and more and more people working from home. We do not see it slowing down anytime soon. This has created a huge strain on the 4G bandwidth creating slower speeds, data caps and loss of a solid connection.


This exciting solution is new equipment and more data! We are excited to transition to new quad-band equipment. Our new quad-band equipment opens you up to the new technology providing enhanced service, especially in rural areas. This new equipment will help you get the most out of your internet, and MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount of data you get each month!

  • The new equipment will come activated and ready to use.  
  • We are selling the new equipment to all existing customers at our cost of $150 and including free shipping. (Discounted from the retail price of $229
  •  This upgrade in equipment is REQUIRED to continue service with us.
  • It is crucial to switch to this new service and device before November 23rd to retain service. All existing equipment will be shut off on the 23rd of November per the carrier.

We know and understand how this change can be frustrating. However, this equipment is necessary in order to stay current with new technology, connectivity, and the requirements of the carrier. We appreciate your understanding and value you as a customer.  We pride ourselves in always staying ahead of the curve. Technology evolves and with that, we must also.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesite to Contact Us and one of our wireless experts will be happy to answer them for you. 

– The Impact Wireless/One Wireless World Team

Please click the link below to order the new equipment.