APN Information for PINK Internet Service Customers w/ Static IP

*Customer Notice: The latest update may require the APN (Access Point Name) profile be changed in your device if you are on our PINK Internet Service. This is what tells your device “how” to connect to the cellular network.

Below is the info for the correct APN profile settings:

APN: b2b.static
APN or PDP Protocol: IPv4
Username: *leave blank* or “none”
Password: *leave blank* or “none”

Please change or create a new APN profile and be sure the settings reflect above.
Depending on which device you are using, the process for changing the APN might be slightly different. Google is your friend.

We can only provide limited support for other devices that were not purchased from us, other than providing the correct settings as above.
If you are not sure how to change or create a new APN on your device, Google your specific device make & model number and how to change/add a new APN Profile for that device.

Here is a step by step guide if you have our Alicorn USB device: ALICORN APN CHANGE

If you have already done this, and it is still not working, please Contact Us or send an email to questions@onewirelessworld.org