Impact Wireless – Master Agent for Sprint

As a Master Agent for Sprint, Impact Wireless develops partnerships with many different companies in many different aspects of the mobile world. We are offering a unique opportunity for companies to not only obtain a contract with Sprint, but also to take advantage of our award winning service and back office support.

We offer high commission payout, fast and complete order support, and fulfillment of all your customers Sprint needs. As a partner with Impact Wireless and our new regional partner program, you will enjoy the many rewards offered by a true market leader.

Impact Wireless & Sprint bring you the most complete & intense wireless experience.

Our Focus

Impact Wireless is focused on selling wireless solutions through the indirect distribution channel and is the exclusive Sprint Wireless Master Agent in the west.

Being a partner with Impact, you will be provided with over 200 wireless solutions, giving your company and your sales force the competitive edge over your competition.

More than just a network

Sprint is more than just a network. We’re a partner in insight, creating solutions to help you navigate the changing business landscape—and find your future in it.

As many companies now know, it’s not really an “information economy” after all.

Information is cheap and easy to come by.

Finding the right information at the right time and knowing what to do with it, how it can deepen your customer relationships and elevate your company above the changing competitive landscape—that’s where the value is.

And it’s why we call today’s business environment an insight economy.

Wireless now impacts every industry.

At Impact Wireless, we’re no longer just in the wireless industry.

Wireless now impacts every industry. We don’t just connect people to technology.

We use technology to connect people to each other – and that includes connecting you to your customer. Your customers are already loyal to your brand, products, or services.

Moreover, your partnership with Impact Wireless and Sprint will increase your portfolio and bring added value to your client base.

This furthers your ability to innovate quickly enough to meet their needs. It’s insight that fuels continuous innovation.

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